Management & Maintenance

JOTL is proud to be professionally managed by First Community Management (FCM).  We are professionally managed for the benefit of all members.  Having a professional manager ensures that you will receive prompt and professional service when you have a question, concern or maintenance request.  You may contact FCM for any concern you have, including certain issues within your unit.

Our building custodian can provide some minor repair services in your unit at no charge, such as some minor plumbing, electrical or mechanical repairs.  The labor may be complimentary, but you will be responsible for the cost of any materials necessary.  Please contact FCM first to determine if a repair you need done can be completed by our building custodian before you hire another company.

Here’s how you can contact FCM:


  • Web Site
    • Create a work order request (click button below)
      • Please describe your question, concern, or repair needed in detail
      • Please include multiple ways for us to contact you (e.g. phone and email)
  • Telephone
    • Call 312-829-8900 ext. 933
  • Email


Emergencies include incidents that are life threatening, can cause long-term damage to the property, or if you are locked out of your unit.  In these cases only, please call FCM anytime, 24/7/365, at 312-829-8900.

Important notes:

  • It is also very important that you use our work order system when requesting service. If you do not submit your request through the work order system, the management company and the JOTL Board of Directors will not have proper records of your request.  Without records, we will not have the ability to assist if you have questions about your request.
  • Tenants are not allowed to create work orders. Tenants should inform unit owners and unit owners should contact management.

Community Mgmt System

FCM provides a very useful web portal for our community management system at  It allows you to:

  • Pay assessments
  • Review your payment history
  • Download association documents, including all notices sent to unit owners this year
  • View a directory of unit owners
  • Manage violations

If you have any trouble setting up your account at, please contact FCM by telephone or email.

Building Custodian

JOTL’s building custodian is E&E Handyman & Cleaning Service.  Admir, Ruben, and the E&E team provide our building services engineering, maintenance and janitorial services.  If you need assistance, please do not contact E&E directly. Please always contact FCM by creating a work order request.